Thank you DroneSec, Mike Monnik & Arison Neo for the excellent course! It was a brilliant experience to learn about #drones, their regulations, offensive/defensive operations, and cybersecurity impacts. Look forward to more opportunities in the drone space.

Thanks to Mike Monnik and Arison Neo from DroneSec. The course they have created is second to none taking you from the basics to the advanced side of C-UAS. Being able to get accreditation in the form of a DSOC within the field of C-UAS will help me stand out from the crowd.

Very glad I took this course. The information, case studies, as well as resources were all very valuable - and very insightful. As an attacker, this certainly opened my eyes to many new and interesting avenues to explore (and defend!).

The beginning of a path made of avant-garde, progress and innovation. The beginning of knowledge that evolves as technology in the #IoT field goes on. A certification fully inserted in the field of #drones that ranges from #regulations to #CyberSecurity (offensive / defense), training the student in every aspect. Thanks DroneSec for the opportunity.

Thank You to DroneSec & Mike Monnik for this incredible experience and the knowledge I gained, the Drone security operations certificate | DSOC.

Learning is the most valuable asset of the human being, thank you very much to @dronesec_ and @securitymeta for the great opportunity. I will begin my training in offensive operations and simulation of adversaries with drones.

Yesterday I finally received my Drone Security Operations Certificate (DSOC) issued by DroneSec! The three courses contained multiple new knowledge on physical and cyber security on UAVs and Counter UAV systems and techniques. Among others, there were strong elements of #OSINT, #drones, #threatassessment and #incidentresponse, which I really liked. Strongly recommended!

Yesterday, I won a DroneSec course ( and I want to share my first impression. This course surprised me, because I realized two things: First, this course is a real penetration testing course! Usually, you use software to do a pentest, here, you use a drone to archive your specific goals. Second, this course is designed by actual penetration testers. This is not a fictive course, I feel the experience. Not many people have this combined knowledge, and I am very happy to learn such a unique topic. I am looking forward to learn more about it. Thank you so much for this Ricki Burke and Mike Monnik!

Very happy to have this on the CV. Definitely worth chatting to the @dronesec_ folks if you're interested.

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